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    •  December 17, 2011
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In Jack's Words...

Empowering Women to
Fight Poverty (PPMK)


Remembering Jack Wilson

Amanda Zinn: Memories and Feelings

Sparkling, baby-blue eyes
Impish grin
Devilish, infectious laugh
Heart of gold
Brilliant mind
Keen sense of urgency
Human suffering
Love of and care for earth
Endless middle-of-the-night phone calls
Philosophizing about everything under the sun
Volumes of social commentary e-mails
Drinking wine, talking, laughing
Soto ayam
Anti-poverty soul mate
Promises to continue the fight
Promises to care for Lastri
Still waiting for the phone to ring in the wee hours
Still aching to hear your voice
Longing for more conversations
Anxious to keep it going
Dreading to be there without you
Missing you more than I imagined.

Amanda Zinn, President of Overcoming Poverty Together, went to Indonesia for two weeks to help provide structure and sustainability for PPMK, since her background is helping nonprofits and entrepreneurs develop organizational capacity. She and Jack became immediate friends and Jack called her at all hours of the night to just talk with her during the last half year of his life.