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    •  December 17, 2011
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In Jack's Words...

Empowering Women to
Fight Poverty (PPMK)


Remembering Jack Wilson

Jill Stabenau: About My Brother Jack

Jack and I were born 18 months apart, with me being the only girl and baby of the family. We had two older brothers, Bo and Blaine who were 12 to 14 years older than us.

By the time we were 5 and 7, both our older brothers had joined the Air Force, so Jack and I became very close. He was my big brother and my hero. Throughout my life that opinion has never changed.

As typical of brother and sister, he picked on me when we were little, but I didn't care. I adored him and followed him everywhere. I remember Jack and I riding our bikes to the community pool in the summer and walking a mile to the movies in our bare feet! Always after the movies we would walk across the street to the ice cream store for a treat. So for 25 cents we could see a movie and for 5 cents more get an ice cream cone for the walk home. Those were the days!!

Jack and Jill raking lawn



      Jack and Jill, early 50s     
 For more photos of Jack
     as infant and boy, click here.

We played kickball and baseball, roller skated, rode our bikes hard and ran through the park that bordered our property! We played cowboys and Indians with all the neighborhood kids, building forts and climbing trees. In the winter we would ride our sleds down the hill into the park and have wonderful snowball fights.

Jack was my best friend and always looked out for me.

We stuck together in a very disruptive household through the early years. As we grew older Jack became very protective of me.

Jack enlisted in the service at an early age, as did my older brothers to get away from the difficulties at home.

So we started our adult lives heading down a destructive path. We would see each other when he was on leave or at family functions. Some were happy and some were sad. We were always able to reconnect easily, like we'd never been apart.

Jack and I talked fairly often over the years and always supported each other over events in our lives that were both good and bad. I have always valued Jack's opinion and he has always given me good, honest advice.

Jack was the only one of four siblings to get a college degree. He was very smart and I was so proud of him.

When I think of my brother Jack, I see a man who was filled with love and compassion for others. His smile and laughter were infectious. He would light up a room with his warmth and humor. He had a way of laughing at himself and being silly that always made you laugh and brightened your day.

I think of all the accomplishments in Jack's life, the biggest one was the birth of his beautiful daughter, Lena. He talked of her with such love and pride, sending me pictures of her and telling me about all her achievements.

The other great love of his life was the company he created, PPMK (Empowering Women to Fight Poverty). He has been so determined to help the women and children of Indonesia and done an amazing job of it!! He always felt he had to repay society for the mistakes he made in life. I don't think he ever knew how much he needed to forgive himself, because God and everyone else who loved him, had already done so.

I think if you truly love someone, you’re able to overlook their shortcomings and failures and focus on all the goodness that makes up who they truly are. So, in my book, my brother Jack was a great man. It is with extreme sadness that I say goodbye to Jack. I have so many good memories of him that will forever dwell in my heart and never be forgotten.

In my mind, Jack will always be my big brother whom I loved with all my heart and he will forever be my hero.

To my brother Jack, with much love from his sister Jill.


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