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    •  December 17, 2011
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Remembering Jack Wilson

Andre Rorsch

November 29, 2011:
Jack has been a VERY good friend to me and my wife and I have known him about 13 years. I live in Indonesia and always see him regularly. Since he has moved to Yogyakarta we haven't seen him as often but we are in contact regularly on the phone.

I consider Jack my father in Indonesia and part of my family and so does my wife. He has given me the right advice about things many times and always made me look at life a different way since I met him. Positive thinking always!I look at him as someone to take advice from and someone who helps people so much it makes me so proud of him.

I have many fond memories of times we spent together from holidaying in Bali and him teaching me and Ade my wife to ride motor bikes there and the way around the Island, to spending time with him in San Francisco, showing us around and where he used to live with many fantastic stories. He also has many friends in Jakarta who will miss him dearly. Knowing his condition for some time, he has tried to keep it quiet from us but only to protect our hearts.

I love Jack dearly and now that his condition has gotten worst I find it so sad I am going to lose my best friend in the world.

February 14, 2012:
Please give my condolences to Lena and all at the memorial this Saturday. I am sorry I can't come. This is all still a shock in my head and its been hard getting back to work and life this year. Time will heal.

I miss Jack dearly, I miss our daily phone calls and our constant sms (text messages) to each other. I feel very alone now without Jack and without David my other good friend here. But I still have my family and life will go on, even though it not the same.


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