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    •  December 17, 2011
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Remembering Jack Wilson

Miscellaneous Remembrances

The following were compiled from Facebook pages or emails and are meant to be a static and more permanent record.

Evan Kaltschmidt
I lost a wonderful father figure today, Jack Wilson. He was a man who had been through a lot, but helped many in the end. Here is a video of his non-profit organization. It is a rough video, but video hardware is not that good over there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMFBa_vWaqY
R.I.P. poppa Jack, you will be missed, but never forgotten...

Hi poppa Jack,
I wanted to write you today to tell you I will miss you forever. You have left an impression on me and molded me to be a better man, husband and father. So many memories of good things when the environment around us not so good. You made sure to teach as well as to have fun in Lena Marguerite Wilson, Kira Crossman, and my earlier childhood. Even though I never got to see you for a long time Lena told me you received my messages and were so proud of me. That made me feel like in some way we had talked. I was so happy that Lena was able to come out to see you before you left this earth. R.I.P poppa Jack and I hope you are on to a better place....

Maribeth Riggs
My brave daughter Lena was with him to the last...she's home safe now. I am eternally grateful to her for being able to say my goodbyes to him in his final days..... Adios, Desperado.....we'll all be together again someday....

Brittany Dryden
Jack you will be missed! Save me a seat next to you, because wherever you are it's sure to have the best view and be the most fun. You left an incredible mark on the world Jack, and a wonderful daughter. Well done, Papa, well done. xx

Steven Smulewitz
Salty old dog. I'll always remember you with a thick skin and a soft heart. Be at peace, Jack. See ya in the next life....

Darwi Santoso
I'm Tari, one of Jack's Indonesians friends. It's really a good idea of you to put all the memories of Jack Wilson here (on Facebook). So we all can always remember him like he's still here with us. Maybe I don't have as many memories as you all, since I didn’t know him for long. But in our brief friendship he was not only a best friend for me, he's like a father for me with all his advice and more. He inspired me to what I do now, because he always motivated me to realize all my dreams. I will always remember in my life that I'm really grateful I ever met a person like him that always wanted to help other people and to do good things for others. He left all kindness for us...

Noora Fauziah
I still remember when we first met 8 years ago in Prawirotaman, you'd already become my best friend, best company, best father as well as best teacher in my life. RIP Jack, miss you and love you always xx

Suzie Wilson
Cousin Jack has finally succumbed to lung cancer... His pain is now gone... I remember him as 'Jackie'; such a sweet and caring kid with a great big smile... and a great big heart ...A great remembrance that I will always treasure... He will be missed by us all....

Roan Harting
(who Jack met in a bar in Indonesia and got pulled into the work of PPMK)
I'm so sad to hear this..... Condolences to everyone that cared about him. Indeed Jan..., Jack inspired me too. He taught me many many lessons...working with him was inspiring and exciting. He made me believe everything is possible. And he has NEVER let me down..... for that I will always be grateful, I'm glad I told him that. My wish is that he rests in peace... dear Jack.

Alvaro Lepe
Yes our incredible friend Jack, let us not forget something, his spirit and soul lives in PPMK, now we have an angel, he is still contributing for the good of all the people that benefit every day from whatever PPMK can provide!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live our friend Jack. I feel him pretty much alive....

Dave West, Bali
God bless you Jack
Death makes angels of us all
You are always in our hearts
Strength and guidance to all friends of Jack.

Moses Hammett
(Director of Workforce Development, Center for Urban Families)
Ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji'oon (Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return). My Condolence to Jack's biological and PPMK family as well as the many friends who lives he has touched. Thanks you Jack!!!

I have very warm memories of Joaquin, as I mostly called him, who was always very kind to me, a younger and often clueless new arrival to S.F., trying to figure out who I was and how to manage for the first time away from my home and family. In 1976 or '77, when I was 18 or 19 years old, Jack and Mark took on major star status in my eyes by rescuing me on short notice from a very unpleasant situation at a shared rental on Union Street near Washington Square. I had called Mark late one night very distressed about my new housemate, who was very creepy and had started hitting me. First thing the next morning, they drove up in Jack's famous orange "Iron Fireman" van and delivered me and all my boxes to Mark's flat on Upper Downey Street, where I lived for several years. Jack and the other film collective members and friends were like roommates of mine there, often working late into the night in the editing room at the end of the hall. Jack is a big presence from my very early days in San Francisco. I've never forgotten how glad I was to see the Iron Fireman with Jack and Mark in it pulling up in front of my old building on Union Street.


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