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How much does an online chapbook cost?

Setup fee: $50 is required to set up an e-chapbook site. Click on the PayPal button to the right.

This includes the cover page, with link(s) to contents, author bio page, one page of content with one title, and a listing on the Read Chapbooks Online (Authors) page. One story or poem of any length can be self-published for $50.

Additional pages (with one title) cost $5 per page for up to 2,000 words; $9 per page for over 2,000 words; $12 per page for over 4,000 words

Additional titles on any page cost $3 each. This would be appropriate for short poetry or flash fiction. Multiple titles on any page are linked either to the cover page or to a short list of contents at the top of each page.

You might not want all your poems or flash fiction on one long page, though. If they can be arranged thematically or chronologically, then a good choice might be several pages with multiple titles on each.

20 poems arranged in 4 pages of 5 poems each. The first page and one poem are included in set-up fee.
This echapbook would cost $50 + 3 additional pages (3 x $5 = $15) + 16 additional titles (16 x $3 = $48) = $113.

A collection of 8 short stories (between 2,000-4,000) words, each on its own page, would cost:
$50 + (7 x $9 = $63) = $113.

A collection of 16 poems, each on its own page would cost:
$50 + (15 x $5 = $75) = $125.

Special Formatting: All text will be set flush left, unless author instructs otherwise. If text needs to be centered, tabbed over or manipulated in any way, an hourly fee ($32/hr) will be charged. Keep it simple and keep costs down.

Editing and Proofing: Available on a sliding scale. Write to for details.

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Via Paypal.


Additional charges: A paypal invoice page will be set up for you when the project is completed.

Or pay by check. Contact
Instructions will be emailed to you.